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Kids twitter
Presenter Matt Passmore uses computers and SMS text with phones during an episode of Play School. Picture: Norm OorloffSource: The Daily Telegraph
Kids twitter
Young Eve gets an education in technology Picture: Norm OorloffSource: The Daily Telegraph

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LONG-running ABC program Play School is teaching children who can't even read or write how to use social media.
The popular preschoolers show has tackled space exploration and homosexuality - and now is explaining to toddlers about communicating via Twitter and Facebook.
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In a recent episode, presenter Matt Passmore tweeted, blogged, texted, emailed and checked his "play book" on a cardboard computer. "What can I do while I wait, I know - I will Twitter," Passmore said. "Everyone loves my Twitter."Play School executive producer Jan Strandling said the cyber world was increasingly relevant to preschoolers.
Research showed that children as young as one could use smartphones. And preschoolers are becoming so tech-savvy that Play School now has iPhone apps and online games for under-fives, she said.

"When you look back at episodes around the time of the moon landing, they dealt with space. In that respect they are like a time capsule.
"Play School has been around for 46 years and in that time it's always reflected the changing world around us through imaginative play," Ms Strandling said.
"Smartphones, email and cyber technology are becoming increasingly relevant to the preschoolers' world."
Kate Highfield, an early childhood academic at Macquarie University - who is also an adviser to Play School - said it was now a fact of life that most Australian children were exposed to Facebook, online games and smartphone technology before they reached primary school.
"Play School should be applauded for addressing it rather than sticking their heads in the sand," she said.
"And they've addressed the issue in a playful way that kids will be able to understand. As parents, we need to realise that kids are exposed to this world now. It's no longer a matter of whether or not kids should use the technology but how they can best use it in a safe way."
But parents should also restrict young children's screentime and "digital pacifiers" should not be used at the expense of reading and imaginative play, she said.
It is not the first time the show has sparked debate. In 2004, Play School screened an episode featuring a family with two lesbian mothers.
The outrage was led by then prime minister John Howard who said: "This is an example of the ABC running an agenda in a children's program. If people want to debate that issue, do it on a program like Lateline, but not on Play School."
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