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"Media are the most powerful cultural forces on the planet. Millions of people watch, read and listen for hours a day. In developing countries, people's lives are transformed as media become part of their culture. Media's benefits are accompanied by these concerns:

  • Fewer voices, as media ownership is consolidated in the hands of fewer than 10 wealthy individuals and global corporations
  • News bias and public relations spin
  • Violence packaged as entertainment
  • Children and teens targeted by corporate advertisers
  • Digital photo and film manipulation
  • Media effects on community and personal relationships
Kids and adults love media! Media products entertain us, inform us, and help us connect to our community and the world. How to balance the benefits and the risks? Both children and adults need media literacy education to become wise consumers and effective participants in democracy in a digital age.
We agree with the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) that "being literate in a media age requires critical thinking skills that empower us as we make decisions, whether in the classroom, the living room, the workplace, the boardroom, or the voting booth."
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