Gallery: The Most Amazing Science Images of 2010

No link você poderá ver belas e/ou impressionantes imagens que a ciência e a natureza nos proporcionam. Bom deleite!

Bioluminescent Critters
Edith Widder

Most bioluminescence in the ocean is blue, the color that travels
furthest through seawater, but there are interesting exceptions such as the yellow bioluminescence of some pelagic worms (e.g. Tomopteris sp. shown at top)

Fruit Fly Embryo
Damian Brunner

In this micrograph of a dorsal closure in a fruit-fly embryo, the protein actin is marked red, prominent around the gap in the epithelial cells. The microtubules that give shape to cells are green, and epithelial cells with their microtubules destroyed are blue. This dorsal closure is similar to the healing of wounds, and could help scientists figure out ways to improve the process in humans.

Sandy, Salty Swirls
Courtesy ESA

In the Tanezrouft Basin of south-central Algeria, vegetation is sparse and sand is plentiful. Images like this one, taken by Japan’s Advanced Land Observing Satellite, provide researchers with an easy look at hard-to-reach areas to survey natural resources, monitor disasters, and track vegetation coverage.


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