Guia Nacional "Good Media Literacy" (2013 - 2016) do Ministério da Cultura e Educação da Finlândia

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has drawn up Cultural Policy Guidelines to promote media literacy for 2013–2016. The Guidelines draw on the objectives set out in the Government Programme, on the growing range of media education actors, on the constantly evolving media environment and on the field of media education. 

One of the Ministry’s strategic cultural policy priorities is to strengthen the position of media education. 

The Ministry’s audiovisual culture policies have set good media literacy as one of its priorities. 

These media literacy guidelines examine media education from various angles, in particular in terms of social inclusion, active citizenship, critical thinking, creativity and self-expression. 

The backdrop to these Guidelines is in the changing field of media education: there is now more public debate in media education and there is a wider range of stakeholders in the field. 

The Centre for Media Education and Audiovisual Media has been Finland’s public authority in charge of promoting media education since 2012. 

The document looks into key trends and challenges, such as the changing media environment and culture of children and adolescents, questions of social inclusion and exclusion, cooperation in this field, supporting the competence of media educators and the need of defining good media literacy. 

The policies highlight the fact that media literacy has many interfaces with different sectors of society. The promotion of media literacy also raises many issues that are interlinked. The horizontal policies across different sectors draw attention to common principles and key approaches.

The Guidelines provide goals and measures involving every-day media education focussed on children and adolescents, sustainable structures to help pursue and institute media education, stakeholder profiling and partnerships and Finland’s active role in global efforts.

Further discussion is required before these policies can be implemented. The policies include annual monitoring that can be carried out by expert panels in 2013–2016.

Good Media Literacy - National Policy Guidelines 2013-2016 (Finland):


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