Liberdade de Imprensa em cartoons!!!

 The cartoons reproduced here were illustrated by Tunisian cartoonist, Belkhamsa Chedly in conjunction with the World Press Freedom Day Celebration in Tunis, Tunisia from 3-5 May 2012. The cartoons were drawn during the conference itself. Mr Chedly would listen to the discussions happening in the room and draw inspirations from the exchanges and translate them into the images you see here.

Mr Cheldy is a well-known graphic artist. He is a cartoonist, an illustrator, and sometimes set designer. His many awards include 1st Prize in Caricature (1983) awarded by the Association of Tunisian Journalists; 1st Prize in Comic Strip of Caricature (1987) awarded by the International Festival of Caricature and Cartoon Arabic in Algeria;  the Environment Award (5 June  1997) awarded by the Ministry of Environment; and the Scenography Prize awarded in the 2006 by Gabes Children Theater Festival for the piece titled “The Well”.


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