Livro aborda estereótipos de gênero, identidade e sexualidade no entretenimento infantil

"Heroes, Heroines, and Everything in Between: Challenging Gender and Sexuality Stereotypes in Children's Entertainment Media" examines how this media ecology now includes a presence for nonheteronormative genders and sexualities. 
It considers representations of such identities in various media products (e.g., comic books, television shows, animated films, films, children’s literature) meant for children (e.g., toddlers to teenagers). 
The contributors seek to identify and understand characterizations that go beyond these traditional understandings of gender and sexuality. By doing so, they explore these nontraditional representations and consider what they say about the current state of children’s entertainment media, popular culture, and global acceptance of these gender identities and sexualities. (By Amazon)

Edited by: Carrielynn D. Reinhard and Christopher J. Olson 
Contributions by Fatima Q. Al Hattami; Sara Austin; Thomas J. Billard; Nancy Bressler; Claire Burdfield; Chrys Egan; Rebecca Feasey; Susan G. Kahlenberg; Brian L. Macauley; Jennifer Miller; Jerralyn R. R. Moudry; Annick Pellegrin; Christopher J. Olson; Carrielynn D. Reinhard ; Richard J. Schaefer and Heike Steinhoff.


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