Virtual Stages Against Violence - VSAV lança manual "Youth & New Media"

Virtual Stages Against Violence - VSAV is a project funded by the European Union through the Daphne III Programme with the aim to contribute to the protection of children, young people and women against all forms of violence and to attain a high level 
of health protection, well-being and social cohesion.
VSAV project has been a successful collaboration of five partner organisations from different EU countries (Italy, Germany, Austria, Romania).

The project is based on the idea that new technologies, nowadays the main carriers of information, are increasingly accessible to children and young people, but can often be understood as a source of risks (risk of encountering people with false identities, 
violent representations of reality, etc.), if they are not used properly. It therefore becomes necessary to avoid creating a negative impression of new technologies, and to show, instead, the positive potential they hold. The latter goal can be reached by spreading the correct use of technologies, and it is in this view that the new tools implemented in the VSAV project can become a useful and positive support in the life and growth of children, and in everyday life.

This manual brings together the several activities that have been carried out during 
the project. 

It is aimed at young people, parents, teachers, policy-makers, Ministries of Education 
in partner countries, school headmasters/headmistresses, local organisations.

The Main objectives of the project are:
1. Contributing to the reduction of media violence on children and young people.
2. Raising the awareness of children, young people and parents on the negative aspects 
of media. 

Specific objectives of the project are:
1. Clearly identifying habits and behaviours of target groups in using new technologies.
2. Identifying potential risks related to the target groups in order to develop measures 
to avoid them.
3. Creating educational activities and an interactive game designed to increase young people and children’s understanding of potentially negative impacts of media and new technologies, and offering them the possibility to learn how to avoid them.
4. Introducing children and young people to the role of creators of a play through the 
use of different media with potentially violent impacts.
5. Indicating the right use and best consumption of media.
6. Creating communication tools in order to reach a large number of final beneficiaries.

Young people (10-16 years old) are the main target group of the project. They are at the same time actors and beneficiaries of the project. VSAV project helps young people to understand how to protect themselves from the risks of new technologies and to experience their positive potential.
Parents are an indirect key target group and by increasing their understanding of new media, they will be able to support and guide their children in using new technologies responsibly.
Educators are involved in an interactive and participative learning process with the support of the pedagogical experts that created a “Toolkit” with instructions and 
directions to develop and carry out educational activities in classrooms to fight against media violence. 


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