11ª Conferência Mundial de Economia e Gestão de Mídia recebe propostas de artigos

A Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro sediará entre 12 e 14 de maio de 2014 a 11ª Conferência Mundial de Economia e Gestão de Mídia (11th World Media Economics & Management Conference). A chamada de trabalhos já está aberta e a data limite para apresentação de artigos é 15 de novembro de 2013.
Mais informações:
Over the past 15 years, the media and telecommunications industry transformed the forms and the flows of communication in Brazil. Although the Internet's reach is still limited to a reduced number of people (45% of the population, according to the ICT Households 2011), the media and telecommunications industry is among those that register the highest growth, due more recently to the inflow of telephony companies in the sector of content distribution.
Recent research also shows that there is a regular and steady growth of households equipped with computers, which in 2011 were found in 45% of Brazilian homes, compared to 35% the year before. According to data gathered by a national research foundation (FGV) 60 million computers were in use throughout the country in 2011, with the possibility of reaching 100 million in 2012. These data show the importance of the Conference theme to contemporary Brazil.
Suggested Sessions: 
  • Media Industries in the Contemporary World
  • Geographies of Media Economics and Management
  • Cities and Media Industries
  • Community Media Economy
  • Social networks and culture
  • Media Conglomerates and Regional Production
  • Communication in Organizational Contexts
  • Processes of Interpretation and Media Consumption
  • Journalism and the New Media Strategies
  • Developing and emerging media markets
  • Special Session 1: Media Industry in Brazil (printed ando on-line)
  • Special Session 2: Media Industry in Brazil (audiovisual)
  • Special Session 3: Management, Strategies and Trends in the Latin American Media Market 
Paper Submission
Full papers with a title and abstract (250 words) are required. Papers should be a maximum of 25 pages (Times New Roman 12, space 1,5) plus tables, pictures, references, and/or appendix. The title page should include the paper title, author(s), university(ies), e-mail address(es), postal address(es), and telephone number(s). If multiple authors are involved, one should be designated to receive correspondence regarding the paper. Papers submitted should be in MS Word or PDF files.
Deadline for papers is 15 November 2013. Papers should be submitted via e-mail to: wmemconference@gmail.com
Acceptance notices for papers will be sent in January 2014.
Conference Information
The World Media Economics and Management Conference is a biennial meeting that brings together scholars worldwide to reflect on contemporary issues in the economics and management of media industries and firms. The conference was established in 1994 and previous meetings have been held in Beijing (China), Bogota (Colombia), London (UK), Lisbon (Portugal), Turku (Finland), Montreal (Canada), Pamplona (Spain), Stockholm (Sweden), Thessaloniki (Greece) and Zurich (Switzerland).
Conference President
Robert G. Picard (University of Oxford)
Scientific Committee
Alan Albarran (University of North Texas), Paulo Faustino (Porto University), Angela Powers (Kansas State University),Alfonso Sanchez Tabernero (University of Navarra), Steve Wildman (Michigan State University), Sonia Virgínia Moreira (State University of Rio de Janeiro), Antonio Hohlfeldt (Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul), Marialva Barbosa (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Paulo Celso Silva (University of Soracaba).
Local Organizing Committee
Sonia Virgínia Moreira (Head), Ricardo Ferreira Freitas, Fernando Gonçalves, Ricardo Nicolay, Claudio Cotrim, Mariana Pelegrini, Janaína Soares.


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